Monday, March 10, 2014

A Less Cumbersome Blackmail System

Get a scandal:

When the blackmailers actually deliver the threat to reveal the scandal, think, and take the highest:

Would the revelation destroy:
  • treasure (+1)
  • reputation (+2)
  • life (+3)
Subtract 2 for each of the below that is true:
  • target of blackmail is not subject of scandal
  • they have and cannot be expected to acquire proof of subject's involvement in scandal 
The blackmailers name their price. How rich (in the eyes of the target) is it?
  • pocket change; an annoyance (-0)
  • serious clink, but recoverable or concealable with little effort (-1)
  • a big chunk, requiring significant effort to recoup or conceal (-2)
  • a fantastic sum, impossible to hide or ignore (-3)
Now secretly roll 2d6 + [bonus] (and HT: Vincent Baker for this sort of setup):
  • 10+: target complies, will not retaliate unless given perfect opportunity
  • 7+: Show no respect to blackmailers, display obvious contempt: this puts the blackmailers in position to take action against the target; the next reasonable action they propose against the target will succeed, no roll. 
  • 6- (GM chooses one):
    • target retaliates now (played politely or contemptuously)
    • target retaliates later (played politely or contemptuously)

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