Friday, March 21, 2014

NPC Generator

The archetype is the main thing. Look is just for inspiration. Goals are generic. Use if needed for on the spot motivations.

WARNING: pretty much random capitalization for no reason.

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They character is defined by this trait. Embrace the power of type. Let specificity leak out, but insist upon conformity to this generality.
  1. Brainiac Because of Brain Tumor of Which is Acutely Aware, Torn Between Mediocrity and Death
  2. Buffoon Because of Desperate Coping Mechanism, Hints of True Self in Offhand Comments
  3. Busybody Because Has Given Up On Own Longings
  4. Charlatan From Psychological Compulsion, Feels Terribly Guilty, Can't Ask for Help
  5. Chill, Man, This Is My Actual Philosophy Built upon the Ruins of Its Opposite
  6. So Cool I Can't Believe It
  7. Curmudgeon Who Unaccountably Is Justified In Prejudice, As You Will Soon See
  8. Dreamer Who Wants Something Very Very Stupid
  9. Hannibal Lecter, Give Or Take
  10. Hippie Because Has Given Up on Humans As a Cause But Cannot Escape the Need to Serve Something
  11. The Dude, With Potential Hinted At But Not Utilized for Fear of Failure
  12. Good Guy Unsatisfied With Goodness
  13. Martin Luther (Pre-Reformation)
  14. Revolutionary Dangerously Blind With Fervor For Personal Reasons, and Even Now They Are About to Land In Serious Trouble
  15. Perceived (Actual?) Messiah / Antichrist in Denial, But the Signs Are Coming On Stronger Now
  16. Happy Go Lucky Because Can't Confront the Existential Nightmare Haunting the Moments in Which They Forget to Smile
  17. Hopeless Romantic. Literally Hopeless. Latches Onto Terrible Target So As Not to be Disappointed.
  18. Radically Insecure re: Something, Lashes Out Uncontrollably re: Slights to It
  19. Bitterly Resentful of Past Slight, Constantly Displaying a Self in Opposition to It
  20. Know-it-All ("Actually . . .")
  21. Sakura
  22. Ruthlessly Scheming Institutional Climber
  23. Rockstar Secretly Writing High Art to Fulfill Self-Expectations
  24. Foreigner Who Is Very Foreigner But Is Laying It On Thick On Purpose
  25. Well-Read Redneck
  26. Bookworm Because Desperately Seeking Answers to a Single Question
  27. Jock Who Wants to Help Everyone Be Just Like Self
  28. Unbearably Preppy & Judgmental
  29. Pretentious (always offended at perceived "slights" to "station")
  30. Penitent But Seen/Done Some Things, Man
  31. Proper (shocked, shocked, and disappointed)
  32. Intelligent, Thoughtful Fundamentalist
  33. Good Samaritan
  34. Wallflower With Quiet Insight & Competence
  35. Workaholic
  36. Rock Lee
  37. Naruto
  38. Teddy Roosevelt
  39. Brazenly Venal
  40. Underachieving Cool Person Who's Been Everywhere And Is Talented At Everything

Look (add an adjective to any result)

  1. Describe a celebrity without using their name
  2. Exaggerated Feature (hair to waist, tiny hands, massive belly)
  3. Missing Feature (albinism, no eyes, no hair/beard, one ear)
  4. Metaphorical Feature (eyes like pits, teeth like milk, hair like dead leaves)


  1. Affection
  2. Commitment
  3. Repentance
  4. Apology
  5. Restitution
  6. Vengeance
  7. Attention
  8. Conversion
  9. Forgiveness
  10. Admission
  11. Respect
  12. Support

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