Friday, October 17, 2014

Terse Hexcrawl Encounters

Most of these are stolen from fiction, mostly Vance and Clark Ashton Smith. 
  1. An ogre living in a house, 12 young kids captive, oldest a tyrant, farming cabbages, eats excess children. Has potions in a cabinet. d20 doses of each. Each sip takes you up or down a size category: min small, max large. (Vance, Suldrun's Garden)
  2. Mirrormere. Lake shiny like glass. Shows you how you really are. If you don't know, ask the PC. If the mirror is broken and a PC falls in, the PC can reject what the mirror showed her and change, just like that, if desired. 
  3. Tunnels of the centipede people. They inject you with venom to make you love them. Whenever hit on an injection attempt, keep making death saves until you succeed. Success means the injection wasn't precise enough. 3 failures means you love the centipede and all centipedes now; they are your only loyalty. Venom wears off after a week or so. They have sweet loot and will oppose the dragon cult because the world is theirs by right; they have tunneled up to claim it. They speak draconic and are 4d4' long, top chitin AC 20, bottom chitin AC 14. (Arnold K at Goblin Punch, I believe.)
  4. Necromancer with tragic childhood in ruined tower with eight apprentices. Building a masterpiece of a necromorph that will express the trait that he himself was mocked for lacking. (Gargantuan size is always great.) Will be done in a week, and then he will use it to wreak havoc across the macro-hex until visiting the nearest city and getting his revenge on those who mocked and scorned him (Clark Ashton Smith). Example: if a dwarf, builds a giant. If ugly, builds a thing of exquisite and horrible beauty. If missing an arm, builds something with four arms. 
  5. Naiad pool. The trio desires polite conversation and will reward with riches from bottom of pool. You cannot fight them; they are made of water and can meld into the pond. Magical ice and so forth might work. Offend them, and they will send bees to live in your eyes and blind you. Counts as a curse. Beautiful music agitates them, and they will leave if it is loudly maintained (Vance)
  6. Orc camp (generate as cult camp but fewer and more barbarous). They are preparing to ravage a nearby village, which contains a wonderful megalith-library where you will find the answers to three likely questions. If the orcs are not prevented, they will shatter the library in three days. 
  7. Sunken library: an elegant tower emerges from the earth (or water). If the window is opened, you may descend into a majestic forgotten library. When a character has a question, roll a d6. On 1-3, the library has the answer.  On a 4, it has a lead to the answer. Per character per day there is a cumulative 1% chance of finding the answer to that question—if the library has the answer. It has a guardian. A huge flying fox who must agree with the reasons for study and has many arbitrary rules. He is suspicious of practicality and is not naive. He is a sad fox, for he has seen much of the world. If he dies, the library begins to crumble and sink. (avatar the last air bender)
  8. Blighted land: manor house and village overgrown. Twig blights. Magical secrets inside, and wealth. 
  9. Dead field. Bodies not decomposed dead from battle. In the middle of the field are two piles of bodies twice as tall as a person. All armor is the same; they do not appear to have been on different sides. No signs of violence. Rubble around; this used to be a castle. The bodies cover a mound of earth. Inside is a sarcophagus containing a princess who still lives. The other mound has a prince. They were to be married when the oxygen-eater attacked. They don't like each other though and are relieved not to have to marry now. She is prideful, and he is prejudiced, being richer and classier. They have fancy jewelry and clothes. 
  10. Exploding parasites from beyond. As you arrive in the village a man climbs to the top of the church and looks to the sun and explodes. Worms burst from his body and enter those standing nearest. The others creep toward people. People are running. Save a kid that's fallen behind or help a mother run inside to get her newborn. Help invalids lying against walls, or help the fallen grandfather left to die by family. What do they do with the worms? The infected? The hard liners? The bleeding hearts? Ask about patient zero, he was a treasure hunter, gone off that way. Meteor impact site. Awesome tech. Also meterorite from which the worms are spreading. They halt at chanted scripture. 
  11. Hamlet of Felix. Unwilling ghoul haunting graveyard, still remembering past life. Gnolls in caves. Compromised cleric. Manslaughtering sheriff. Corrupt dwarf merchant. Dragon items / lore for sure in gnoll cave. 
  12. Grassy Gnoll. Tough gnoll covered in grass. Animates and tries to pulp you into nutrients. The grass here is pink and is an organism. Those sleeping are encased or used as zombie or else pulped to enrich the soil. Cursed land. Hut nearby. Man with child on leash. Skeletons. Child skeleton is killing another with a knife, and both are eating the third. Necromancy and warlock books. Dispel the curse by burying the child and victim and burning the man's bones.

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