Thursday, March 13, 2014

Faction War

Listen, you can come up with a way to do this in three seconds.

Here's just how I'm doing it for my game. Maybe you like.

  • Treat each faction as having morale (ML). 
  • Start them at ML 10.
  • Each time they are demoralized (a fictional condition for you to evaluate based on what the PCs have done), check morale for the faction:
    • Roll 2d6
    • If you roll over ML, their morale is broken
  • When you break their morale, you can move in:
    • Use your faction's movement speed to determine how well you move in on their territory
    • Default movement speed is 6 (30')
    • Spend your guild's speed 1:1 to:
      • capture and hold (provided you have the personnel to hold) a flag in the same realm adjacent to a flag you already hold
      • "move" one "space", where spaces are flags
    • See, you're treating the flags as nodes, and you can move your guild's "influence" around, gobbling up adjacent flags, but you have to start from any flag you own, and you can only capture flags owned by the now broken opponent. 
    • Do this immediately after breaking their morale
    • You can move across any flag, but you can only capture flags of your just-broken opponent
    • If your guild is "slowed" or hampered in their "movement" by some condition, that comes into play here
  • When you co-opt, flip, capture, or kill the de facto head of the faction, -2 morale, then check it
  • When you co-opt, flip, capture, or kill an important figure the faction, -1 morale, then check it
  • When a faction comes up on the Looming Crises check, increase its morale by 1 if it is less than 10 and currently has a de facto head; it has now gained a leader. Increase by 2 if it is less than 9 and currently does not have a de facto head; one has emerged. Name the person if/when he comes into play.
  • If a faction's morale is reduced to 0, it permanently disbands.
  • Should the player faction be demoralized, have them lose 1d6 flags from among the most heavily contested or else the ones they feel most secure in / attached to. 

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