Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thieves Guild Crises

When your Looming Crises check comes up positive, roll on these (not a complete list below, should be expanded).

(This uses the conquest system; so read about that if "flags" doesn't make sense to you:

I'm thinking you can have separate tables for different ranges. One range for hard moves, the other for soft—one for warnings and another for the things warned of. 

At simplest, a 1 on the check is a hard move; a 2 is a soft move. 

FNPC = Flag-NPC = an NPC who herself represents influence or control in a realm. 

leave grisly message for the guild

show faction surveilling, tailing, casing, conferring with law enforcement or another faction

capture / kill associate

threaten a member, PC, or FNPC

show something weird and dangerous

threaten an NPC a PC cares about

show the FNPC floundering, falling off the wagon, being irresponsible, generally managing the flag and/or himself poorly

show a faction fighting to retake a flag, giving PCs chance to intervene 

have factions ally against them 

have the FNPC lose it: the flag is destroyed, nonproductive, or captured

burned, looted, poison, plague a flag

kill / capture a member / FNPC, meaning the flag is either taken out or captured by faction

gank a PC, with opportunity to fight back

capture / arrest a PC with no chance to fight back but give opportunity later to escape or make a deal; remember, factions always want something

manifest something weird and dangerous as a threat right now

turn someone traitor

harm / capture / kill an NPC a PC cares about

have a faction capture a flag 

have an FNPC set them up 


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