Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fantasy Sports

All of these are actually apparently real, since I gathered them from the internet. Please change the names.

  1. Toe Wrestling: toe wrestling.
  2. Fistball: hit the ball with your fist and place it in the opponent's half where they can't get to it.
  3. Octopush: underwater hockey.
  4. Shinkick: If you cause your opponent to fall, you earn a point. Bouts are won on a best-of-three basis, the winner going through to the next round. 
  5. Ferretpants: keep two ferrets in your pants longer than the other guy.
  6. Wifecarry: carry your wife in an obstacle course; you win her weight in beer.
  7. Dogsurfing: make dogs surf.
  8. Camelwrestling: make camels wrestle. Use a female in heat to provoke.
  9. Boxingchess: alternate rounds of boxing and chess.
  10. Prisonrodeos: rodeos for the incarcerated. In-prison gangs form the teams.
  11. Volleyballnohands: volleyball but you can't use your hands.
  12. Wormcharming: see how many worms you can get out of the ground without digging within six hours.
  13. Frogjumping: jump like a frog, first to cross finish line.
  14. Dogjousting: jousting atop large dogs using layers of rat fur on ash poles.
  15. Katamari: get in a big clear ball and roll around an obstacle course.
  16. Cheeseracing: race a particular kind of cheesewheel down a hill while holding a wheel of cheese of equal size, judged on time differential between you and cheese at finish line as well as by how much of your personal cheese you ate.
  17. Pumpkinracing: paddle around a course in gigantic hollow gourd-boats.
  18. Kabaddi: Two teams of seven players stand on opposite sides of a field and take turns sending a 'raider' into the opponent's territory. The defenders must link arms and cannot break their chain. The raider attempts to tag the defenders while they try to stop him from returning to his side before taking a breath. The raider must chant the word 'Kabaddi' the whole time.  
  19. Oilwrestling: oilwrestling.
  20. Ropeclimbing: ropeclimbing with improbable vertical obstacle courses. Atheletes great for dungeoneering.

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