Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flag Generation

These are the tables I'm using for the district-level realm in my thieves guild game.

When you generate a flag, also generate an NPC, a Flag-NPC (FNPC), who is the face, leader, operator, or contact of the flag. To hold a flag, you need to flip, co-opt, or replace its FNPC.

This automates all the tables on this page:

This is an incomplete list, but it's enough to start with.

Flag Type (d12)

  • 1: Community Service 
  • 2-12: Racket 

Community Service

  1. Religious Service
  2. Medical Care (choose: indigent; children; aged; whoever)
  3. Festival (grab a holiday/festival generator from the internet)
  4. Library (choose the weird thing it specializes in, or have it be normal and nice)
  5. Sports match or team or league (roll on the sports table)
  6. Maintenance (water, trash removal, basically anything on the fraud table below but legit)
  7. Theater (name the theater, give it memorable feature and a famous act(or/ress))
  8. Patronage of artist or commune thereof  (choose the artist or the most prominent one and his unaccountable specialty, like painting soup cans or something)


  1. Smuggling (roll on smuggling table)
  2. Protection (roll on protection table)
  3. Street crime (pickpocketing, mugging, stickups, etc—hurts the value of the realm—nice if you don't control it yet)
  4. Fraud (roll on fraud table)
  5. Dealing (find a drug table you like and use it)
  6. Slavery (decide: type of work; type of slaves; type of clients)
  7. Prostitution (decide: normal; or super-weird—all "voluntary" or else it's slavery)
  8. Usury (depending on your setting: n/a; only excessive interest; any loans at all)
  9. Assassination (decide: formalized & ritualized; informal, "I know a guy who can help")
  10. Extortion (

Racket: Fraud 

  1. Trash disposal
  2. Tax collections
  3. Pest extermination
  4. No-kill animal shelter
  5. Placebo-based med care
  6. Ponzi schemes
  7. Relic sales
  8. Snake oil
  9. Street sweeping
  10. Street lighting
  11. Neighborhood patrol subcontracting
  12. Moneychanging 
  13. Sacrificial animal procurement and retail
  14. Knockoff products
  15. Welfare distribution / reception
  16. Fortune telling
  17. "Property improvement" squads: fix up a place, demand money, bring out forged contract
  18. Conning the venal rich with amazing investment opportunities
  19. Indulgence sales
  20. Title loans with serious catches for the illiterate or rushed

Racket: Smuggling

  1. Immigrants / Emigrants
  2. Drugs
  3. Reptilian products: scales, skin, spit, leather, jerky, bone powder for tea
  4. Literature: stories about dragonslayers, anti-drakarchic/dynastic political pamphlets

Racket: Protection

  1. Craftsman
  2. Guild
  3. [Community Service]
  4. [Racket]

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