Monday, July 28, 2014

Static Initiative

  • PCs always go on the initiative count equal to their dexterity score plus any modifiers to that score they may pick up, say, from class features (not including the Dex mod). 
  • So a PC with 17 dex goes on count 17. 
  • Tied creatures go simultaneously and can double KO. 


  • Monsters go on their dexterity scores
  • Monsters go at 10 + HD. 
  • Monsters roll d20
  • Monsters roll d20 + HD for iniatiative
  • Reroll monster initiative each round
  • Monsters roll 1d6 + 14 for initiative (or whatever weirdness)
  • Ignore everything above; monsters always go first because they're really scary
  • Why roll something else
  • Makes the raw ability scores matter in another part of the system
  • ...

Forget that. 

***Just make monsters go first.***

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